Biological Pool

The Swimming Pond
 As an alternative to a common Swimmingpool we opted for a biological Swimming Pond.
The special waterplants preserve the necessairy oxygen whereas a so called skimmer
sucks organic material from the surface. As our water quality is excellent we don’t need
any additional chemical supplies.
After only a few weeks we observe many more birds in the environment and the first frogs have set
their eggs in the pond. Since they eat mosquitos they will maintain a good equilibrium.
A very special experience is the softness of the water when you for a swimm…
but even if you shouldn’t enjoy swimming: to rest near the pond is a very calming experience in itself…
so we are very happy to have opted for this solution ! Come convince yourself and join us!
The swimming pond has a fragile ecobalance. In order for it to be sustained
it is important to take a quick shower and not use any suncream products before swimming in the pond!