A recipe for 2024…

I found this really touching text written by Mascha Kaleko for the passage of this year as also the new one seems at least  to start in the same regime…

I don’t want to ad a lot more since the words are very strong without any further commentary.

But I want to thank all of you for all that was possible with and through youA even in this very challenging year! Sending you love and peace and hope we will meet soon again!

Gassho Marcel

Recipe by Mascha Kaléko

Chase the fears away
And the fear of fears
For these few years
It may all be enough
The bread in the box
And the suit in the closet

Don’t call it “mine”
It’s all just borrowed
Live on borrowed time and see
How little you need
Make yourself at home
And keep your suitcase ready

It’s true what they say:
Whatever will be, will be
Don’t walk towards sorrow
And when it’s there
Look silently into its eyes
It’s as temporary as happiness

Expect nothing
And anxiously protect your secret
Even your brother will betray you
When it’s down to “you or him”
Take your own shadow
As a traveling companion

Sweep your room well
And exchange greetings with your neighbor
Serenely mend the fence
And the bell by the gate
Keep that wound inside you awake
Under the roof in the here and now

Tear up your plans. Be wise
And stick to miracles
They have long been laid out
In the great plan
Chase the fears away
And the fear of fears…